Thursday, January 6, 2011

*NEW PRODUCT* AND Weighing HT Compact Bench Scale - Totalcomp Scales & Components

Engineered with simplicity in mind. Low profile and lightweight. Designed with portability and protection. Unique to this scale are 3 included color bars that allow the user to categorize the scale by user or function. Choose one of the 3 color bars (red, green, orange) to personalize your scale. Clearly visible, 13.5mm high digital LCD display. Multiple units of measure for: g, oz, Troy oz, lb, lb-oz, N, tael, tola. Auto power off function to preserve battery life. 450 hour battery life (4AA batteries included). Standard plastic carrying case included that are stackable for easy storage. It is even possible to weigh on the scale as it rests in the case, no need to remove it. The case also comes with penholders for added convenience. Security slot in the rear of the scale can accommodate an anti-theft device. 7.68"W x 5.35"D x 1.73"H

Totalcomp the weigh you want today!

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