Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Open Letters to NCWM by Rudy Kolaci, President of Totalcomp (Letter 1 of 3)

Letter One: VCAP is not good for the scale industry. VCAP will be a detriment to the scale industry. It will raise costs and not provide a benefit for the consumer or the scale manufacturer.

The concept of verification of product quality should not be legislated or dictated by a government or private agency. Quality of a product should be the choice of the consumer and manufacturer. This should be the choice of a free market, the government or other agency should not determine a product’s quality.

Market forces will determine which manufacturer will be successful and have a larger market share. If one manufacturer gets an excess number of red tags when being inspected by a weights and measures official, that brand will suffer in reduced or no sales of their equipment. It does not take long for the market to weed out the low quality scales from the market.

The economic marketplace for weighing equipment will be stifled by VCAP. The increased costs will make manufacturers rethink planned new products and innovations.

Featured in the Weighing & Measurement magazine, December ‘09 issue.

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